Control valves are valves used to control conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from controllers complete with Pneumatic , Electrical , Hydraulic , Cylindrical Actuators & Accessories such as positioner , limit switch , Air filter , Regulator , Direction indictors , Solenoid valves ..etc.

* The most common types of control valves are sliding-stem globe and angle valves.

o        Angle Valves ((Cage-style valve bodies, Disk Stack style valve bodies))

o        Globe valves ((Single-port, Balanced-plug cage-style, High capacity, cage-guided, Port-guided single-port  , Double-ported, Three-way bodies , High Performance Control Valve , High pressure labyrinth trim, Self-acting Pressure Regulator, Cryogenic Control Valve

o        Butterfly valve bodies ((V-notch ball, Eccentric-disk, Eccentric-plug)) control valve bodies

o        Sliding cylinder valves ((Directional control valve, Spool valve, Piston valve))

o        Air-operated valves ((Air-operated valve, Relay valve, Air-operated pinch valve))



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