Pumps for several applications

o   Chemical Injection Pumps &  Metering Pumps and small Dosing pumps

o   Explosion Proof Pumps for hazards area application

o   Single and Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump

o   Centrifugal horizontal / Vertical Pumps Metal & Plastic Pumps for chemical handling

o   Plunger Pumps , Rotary Pump , Gear Pump

o   Rotary Vane Type // Screw Type Positive Displacement Gear Pump

o   Diaphragm Pump & Submersible pumps

o   Fire / jokey pumps

o   Pumps for Chemical process // Stainless steel pumps for food industries

o   Boiler feed-water pumps

o   Portable and hand pumps

o   Other types and other materials are available on request


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